About Us

Catec is the leader in providing a wide range of high performance software for Vibration Measurement Systems, Noise Measurement Systems, Heat Measurement Systems, and Measurement Control Systems with RS232C and so on. Catec provides the general-purpose software like gCat-Systemh and Virtual Test System. The Cat-System is utilized for measurement and analysis of vibration, noise, deformation, heat and so on by using general-purpose A/D board and Personal Computer. On the other hand, Catec also provides customized systems for various vibration, noise and heat analysis as well as technical consulting services.

Corporate Data

Name:  Catec Inc.

              Head Office
              3th Floor Ono Building 4-24-7 Taitoh, Taitohku, Tokyo 110-0016,
              Phone +81-(0)3-5817-4452 FAX +81-(0)3-5817-4453
              E-mail: support@catec.co.jp

              Kansai Office
              292 Ougo Kouyaguchicho, Hashimoto City, Wakayama Pref. 649-7201, Japan
              Phone +81-(0) 736-44-2160 FAX +81-(0)736-44-2161

              Hiroshima Office
              Phone & FAX +81-(0) 82-283-660

Capita : JPYen 30million

Establishment:  September 28, 1990

Employees: 10

            R&D for Vibration Measurement and Analysis Systems
            R&D for Noise Measurement Systems
            R&D for Heat Measurement Systems
            R&D for Mode analysis and linkage system to Finite Element Method
            R&D for control system of measurement equipments with GPIB and RS232C
            Related models (include HILS)
            R&D for the other measurement system
            Technical Consulting Services for the above related systems